Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The begining of .... its all about CELEBRATING FOOD!

Since I was a kid cooking and baking turned to be an amazing and precious time for me.
Coming from a big family, cooking was something going on in the kitchen all the time. As soon as we finish one meal, it was already time to start preparing the next one.  Therefore, everybody in the house used to help.
Being involved at an early age helped me to develop my sense of smell, palate, texture and combination of ingredients.  At the age of 12 I was given my very first cook book “O meu livro de COZINHA”, a children’s cookbook with advanced techniques. Nowadays, this book is proudly exhibited among my collection of over 400 technique and cookbooks in my Tokyo home.
After having received intensive training at the world renown Culinary Institute of  America and from highly qualified chefs and culinary professional in Japan I’ve focused my expertise in gourmet techniques and specialty bread baking

Presently, following the wise advice of many of my friends, I’m sharing my experience by teaching various specialty courses, namely, Traditional Portuguese Cuisine, Traditional Spanish Cuisine and Bread Baking. In order to keep up with the challenging world of cooking I continue to perfect my art by taking regular professional classes, in Japan and overseas, working from time to time at a Spanish Restaurant in Tokyo, as well as experimenting in my very own ‘Flavor Lab.’
With this blog, I would like to share with you my original creations, my comments on ingredients, food, recipes, showing my favorite places, in short, it’s all about CELEBRATING FOOD!