Tuesday, May 31, 2011


A dish that can be prepared in 30 minutes and with just  3 ingredients, nevertheless, it is so tasty and full of flavor that you might think there is something missing!. Just grab your favorite beer and cook an amazing chicken within no time and no effort.

Chicken with Beer and Onion Soup


·         1                      Chicken, Small or a mix of breast and legs cut in pieces
·         1                      Onion soup, pack
·         1                      Beer, can (pale not dark)

Side dish:        Boiled white rice or French Fries


1.       Cut the chicken into pieces and put them in a cooking pan.

Raw Chicken Pieces

2.        Spread the Onion soup powder over the top of the chicken.
Onion Soup - Powder
3.       Pour in the beer. Cover the pan and cook in medium to low fire for approximately 20 minutes.   Check the meat to see if it is cooked and if necessary give it a few more minutes until becomes tender.
With Beer
4.       Once cooked, serve with white rice or French fries.


  Note: My favorite side dish for this chicken is with no doubt “WHITE RICE”

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